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Monday, March 2, 2009

Give us water!

SIX thousand people have been affected by a water cut at Flora Damansara apartments.

Since Saturday, the main water metre had been cut by Syabas as the management had failed to pay the water bills. But it was only yesterday that residents started to feel the impact as the water tanks began to run low.

“It was only after the water cut that the management put up a notice announcing a technical problem with Syabas.

However, they failed to indicate how long the problem will last,” said Abdul Hakim Amir, 42, chairman of the Residents’ Association of Flora Damansara. Attempts to get in touch with the management company, Allied Group Property Services Sdn Bhd, to find out the root of the problem, proved futile as the office was closed.

A further call to Syabas by one of the residents, R.K., who had only moved to the apartments three months ago, revealed a total of more than RM576,000 is owed by the management.

Outraged that residents had already paid fees and yet had to endure a water cut, a representative
from each affected block proceeded to the Taman Tun police station to lodge a report.

A surau within the grounds of the apartment has also had to endure the water cut. However, they had already contacted Syabas to send a water tank for use during prayers.

Residents of the apartment have yet to send a request for a water tank.

A resident who declined to be named is skeptical as to how much the tank will help to ease the problem.

“We stay on higher grounds. Syabas can’t accommodate all the residents.

If their tankers park on the lower slopes, you can’t expect us to haul pails of water everyday from there.”

There are a total of six blocks belonging to Flora Damansara.

Only four blocks are facing the water problem as they work under a different management structure, namely blocks D, E, F and H. Each block is about 24 to 26 storeys high.


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