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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cleanse the body

MYoga presents Detox Yoga, a class designed to rid the body of toxins through three sections – the breathing practice, sun salutations and a series of kriya asana (or cleansing postures).

The breathing practice is emphasised through five techniques such as kapalabhati (frontal brain cleaning breathing) and nadishodhana (balancing breathing) because breathing releases toxins in the body therefore, improving the body condition.

Another key element is the sun salutation where breathing and moving asanas are combined in a way that each of the seven body layers are enriched.

After two sessions of breathing exercises with a sun salutation in between, a sequence of asana targeting the upper body followed by the lower body will be practiced.

There will also be a special focus on the upper body since many people sit all day resulting in bad posture which is bad for the body condition.

After a month of practice for at least three times a week, expect to see significant results.

For more information on Detox Yoga, call 603-2289 8588 or visit


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